For a daily or weekly average slaughter of pigs and sheeps, to be used directly in the farm ’s inn or to be distributed to the local market.




The module consists of two separated units:

  • Dirty area (stunning, bleeding, skinning and evisceration)
  • Clean area (evisceration, splitting, cold storage)

Composizione modulo

  • Bridling trap
  • Electronarcosis dazer
  • Blood container with a walk-on grill
  • Hair remover and scald machine
  • Pneumatic lifter
  • Double basin with knives sterilizer
  • Doublerailed stainless steel guide
  • Pneumatic retractor for evisceration and splitting
  • Evisceration and washer workspace equipped with entrails ramp
  • Electrical overhead scale
  • Refrigerated room for dazing and storage

The unit includes a general control panel and a water plant aiming at collecting the washing water.

The unit can be personalized and set up according to the clients' needs.

Each surface can be easily inspected and disinfected.


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