From the barnyard to the farm shop

These innovative modular systems make it possible for each farmer to sell their own products within their farm. Sint has designed and patented an innovative processing and production systems in order to meet the farmer’s requirements, according with marketing, norms and financial needs

Modular systems are the solution also for big Companies who want to test a new line of production limiting the investment.

What the Modular systems are?

Within a container Sint designs and installs fully equipped systems for:

  • slaughtering
  • meat processing
  • food processing
  • factory outlets

The modular systems are designed in order to optimize the space for the production process in compliance with the norms of hygiene and safety of the operators.

The unit is a mini-production line - complete, efficient and self-sufficient - that allows to simplify and speed up every step of processing.

The modules can be installed easily in small spaces on the farm: they do not require structural works, but only the connections to the power line and the water system.

The container’s structure is made of hot galvanized steel bars; the structure is covered by a pair of panels made of double galvanized steel, filled with polyurethane to ensure good thermal insulation.

The panels are painted with non-toxic paints suitable for contact with foodstuff.
On the ground is positioned a non-slip floor with a collecting gutter waters and all edges are rounded through special fullers.

The modules are extremely versatile: so that farmer can build step by step his small manufacturing company.
The Sint modular system allows the farmer to plan his business, diversifying the production in order to sell directly to the consumer, skipping the long chain to the point of sale, that penalizes the producer.

Modular system are available for every kind of production:

Slaughtering unit: chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheeps and cattle.

Food processing unit:

  • milk and cheese mill
  • fruit and vegetables processing
  • salami and cold pork meat processing
  • jams
  • oil mill
  • Factory shop and so forth.

For large companies, the modular systems offer the opportunity to test a new production, limiting the starting investment. The modular systems can be pre-prepared or manufactured to specific customer requirements, are fully compliant with EU guidelines in the field of environmental impact.

All systems are made of stainless steel, meet all health and hygiene standards and are designed for easy maintenance.




  • VERSATILITY: we have modular systems for any kind of food processing. The mudules can be pre-installed or made for specific request.
  • ECONOMICITY: the investment is easy to subsidize and support starting from 30 thousands euros. The plant is immediately operative so as to amortize the investment. The plant is long-lasting and it mantains a high market value.
  • SECURITY: the modules abide by the hygenical and healthcare norms and security norms.
  • EFFICIENCY: every detail of the module is perfectly studied in order to facilitate and accelerate the process, in compliance with food and operators' security.
  • SPEED IN PREPARING: the modules don't require any masonry work or authorization for building.
  • QUALITY: the modules are made of long-lasting and strong materials; the internal equipment are made of stainless steel.



The modular system of SINT to enter into a growing business


In 2011, direct purchases within the farmers market amounted to 489 millions of euros, they increased by 53% compared to 2010; in 2011, 9 million of italian people decided to cut off the commercial brokering by buying personally from the farmers. The growth rate is impressive and it’s ten times higher than that of discount stores.

( Istat data, source: universofood.Net )


The local production and sell is growing impressively . This kind of business, which is appreciate by the consumers, represents a great opportunity for small farmers/breeders.
..even the unstoppable price of gasoline facilitates the local distribution, which grows 33 times more than that of discount stores and realises the best performance among all the forms of distributions.

( Coldiretti )


Thanks to the modular system sint gives all the farmers the chance to develop this business with a small investment, overcoming the logisticalproblems.


The modular system of SINT are perfectly suitable for :

  • small agricultural companies
  • agritourisms
  • companies who want to test a new sector of production


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Customizable modules for fish processing.

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